Introducing GBA Intelligence


The interest in the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) has been on the rise since the release of the official blueprint on February 18.

Real Estate Foresight with the sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence are pleased to announce the launch of GBA Intelligence – a set of daily scans of news and announcements (‘robo-reports’) from the local sources across the 9 mainland cities.

Easy and quick sign-up directly online:

Showcasing the technology capabilities of Robotic Online Intelligence in the automation of market intelligence, each robo-report in the email and PDF format is a result of a targeted source selection, search, classification, relevance assessment and packaging of information for a handy daily scan of Chinese-language (translated using Cloud Translation API from Google) news and announcements at the most local level.

We believe information flow is a critical component of any economic integration and hope this initiative will contribute somewhat to the greater goal.

GBA Intelligence is aimed primarily at the real estate industry and optimized for that purpose, but also covers the broader macro-economy, infrastructure and policy.

Here are the 11 robo-reports you can now sign up for:

Overall – Across 9 Cities: Government Announcements | Local News | Policy |
Property Markets | Developers | Infrastructure

Local Government News and Announcements Across 9 Cities

City-focused local briefs on:

For any feedback and comments, or to explore more customized briefs by Robotic Online Intelligence or in-depth research by Real Estate Foresight, simply drop us an email.